About Us

We are introducing new trend of online shopping. Local shop keepers and stores are getting a way to sell their goods online. People will get to know about the local market from any location which will result in boost sales of local businesses. With this application user can book any item from any store for 24 hours.

New developing trend of online shopping makes this domain in hot water. People prefer to get updated about latest offers, discounts and new trends, and through map is one of the major plus point we are delivering in this app.

Work with heart

There is no love better than the love of shopping. We believe in devlivering the best of best to customers because we make customers, not sale.

Reliable services

We understand the needs of your online shopping, and thus come up with solutions that best define your needs. We are one of the leading Online Market place for retailers and customers in Pakistan.

Great support

24/7 customer support keeps us in hot water. Client satisfication is our fist pirority. Because we believe in making customers, not the sale.