Hey there I’m Dan.

I’m a Ux designer, Researcher, and Developer with a number of years of experience. What sets Me apart from the rest of the pack is my ability to be hands on with a project from start to finish. Take a look around and feel free to reach out to me.


TomFerry is in short, the Tony Robinson of real estate. During his “Summit” campaign, I helped lead the charge in the Ux/UI department to give the users an unforgettable experience while they streamed it live.

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HomeWorks Energy

HomeWorks Energy is a leading provider for clean effecient energy in the Massachusettes area. Using top quality Ux research, and design, we were able to give the company and clients what was needed.

Making a Cleaner Boston

Vulcan Creative

Vulcan is a boutique creative firm. specializing in web/app design and dev, branding, and product design. What does this mean for me? I was wearing many different hats and a Ux/Ui designer, as well as an account manager.

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United Nations

During my internship with the United Nations I worked for a division by the name of “ReliefWeb”. The organizations goal is to provide training to people across the globe in the humanitarian field. Using my eperience I was able to conuct a number of projects to establish myself as a Ux designer.

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Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is one of the top schools in the country providing academic excellence. Harvard is arguably the most famous and prestigious college in the entire world, educating the future leaders of the entire world. Harvard was my first front end development job, making my skills a lot more rounded.

A Change of Pace