About Us

Before spending a couple of minutes to read about us, we would like to ask! Are you looking for a company that can help monitor your links building campaign to ensure you have zero spam links? Are you looking for a company that can help you source for quality and relevant backlinks from DA of 50-90 across all niche? Are you looking for a company that can help you with an organic content placement from some of the top sites on the web? If yes, we are happy to have you.

Monitor Campaign is an SEO company that specializes in monitoring websites to detect and remove spam and toxic backlink. The company started in the US in 2017 and it was established out of the desire to ensure all business owners, from small business websites to giant e- commerce websites is not misled into acquiring toxic backlinks out of desperation. As we all know, people are so excited about getting new backlinks without worrying about the nature of backlinks.

The birth of Monitor Campaign came after conducting a thorough marketing research on why most sites have an unimaginable number of toxic backlinks aside from the ones linked to them without their knowledge and permission. After the findings, we discovered thousands of website owners especially the young CEOs who have little or no knowledge about backlinks but want to rank their site actually acquire most of these toxic links unknowingly.

After the above findings, we felt there was a need to help website owners monitor all their links building activities as well as sourcing for high-quality backlinks for them, and we decided to monitor these links irrespective of the company they  are running their backlinks campaign.

Our Mission

To be a watchdog that ensures no spam links, low DA, poor content or plagiarized guest post is rendered to website owners by any SEO company.

Our Vision

To make sure all website owners get the exact services they were promised by their SEO service providers. We will do this by making sure we monitor all the services rendered by the SEO providers to the website owners.

Why We Are Unique

At monitor campaign, we are not particular about people just investing, rather we are much more concern about people getting what they want or the quality of the links they desired. We also source for Spanish, Italian and French links and monitor them for a proper placement.

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