Our Mission

To finally give small to medium sized (SME S) businesses a political voice.

About Us

No matter what industry you are in, you will get a say. We will regularly email you for short , quick surveys to obtain your priorities on every area of assistance in your business. We will collate that information, send you reports and ask our PR director to present our case to Government.

Your input will be used, to represent us all, retailers, manufacturers, farmers, transport operators, tourism operators, service providers, couriers, builders, what ever industry you are involved in, we will use to present to Government, parliament, and city councils around the country.

We believe small and medium sized businesses have political representation or lobbyist to represent OUR interest and requirements. We are the backbone of this country. Theres close to 500,000 of us. We should be having a say. Government listens to Corporate, we are also important, we pay the govt income taxes, gst, pay etc and most employees wages. Why shouldn t we have a say. With solid subscribers we can offer a strong voice for our concerns.

We intend to change all that. To change it by listening to what you think, and acting on it. We do this by sending surveys to subscribers, assessing their response, rating their answers in volume order, nationally, region and industry.