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Welcome to the fastest-growing pest control company in the United States! We offer incredible opportunities for college students to earn a competitive wage, get real-life sales and customer service experience, and connect with a network of professionals across the nation. Learn how a four-month summer job can help you graduate debt-free, build up your resume, and give you the tools to grow into a future leader.

Our summer program boasts the highest sales averages in the pest control industry, and we'll prove it. Pest control sales reps who make the switch to Aptive sell 60% more than their previous summer program provider; those with home security backgrounds see gains of over 250%.

Summer Sales Position. Take Advantage Of A Summer Sales Position With Aptive!

Every modern college student knows that it's tough to balance finances, education, and having a social life. That's why our team at Aptive is doing things differently:

Are you motivated to be sucsesful? Do you watch movies like wolf of wallstreet and wish you had an opportunity where you can learn the skills to sell any idea. We are looking for you. we offer competitive wages, flexible schedules, and make sure that you get real-world experience before college ends... and not just anywhere. We're one of the nation's leading (and fastest-growing) pest control companies. If you're lamenting a lack of summer plans or feeling a little weightless in the wallet, check out our summer sales internships and get started on an awesome, meaningful, and fun new experience in the Phoenix area!

Testimonials What people say about us

Roberta Mussato

"Their skills are amazing. I was shocked how knowledgeable and bright they are at what they do."

Randell Fletcher

"Great company, this company helped me bring lots of change in me and made me profitable to everyone."

Paid Internship Spend Summer The Right Way: A Paid Internship at Aptive!

College students have a lot to worry about. Job hunting, classes, grade point averages... and if you're not making the most of your summer, you could be falling behind.

Luckily, our summer internships at Aptive provide real-world experience in sales, customer service, and business administration. Not only will you have the chance to make some great money over summer vacation, but you'll also have the edge when starting a new career after graduation. The ability persuade and sell is the difference maker between taking the job you are given or getting the job that you want.

Testimonials What people say about us

Paul Alderete

"I went from nowhere to on the front page. What a difference. I’m no longer embarrassed about myself and I whole heartily recommend them."

Christine DeGrado

"Excellent firm and it is located locally.Cant get better than that."

Hourly Positions. Hourly Jobs For Students in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Beyond!

Finding a job as a student can be difficult. You have to navigate around a schedule that changes every semester and juggle work with your education.

At Aptive, we understand that a summer sales position or internship isn't what everyone is looking for. That's why our hourly positions offer flexible schedules and training on how to successfully operate, manage, and grow a business, plus give you access to a reliable paycheck. Join us in the Phoenix area and see how Aptive can help you!