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Paid Internships Tell Us What You Want

Spend Summer The Right Way: A Paid Internship at Aptive!

College students have a lot to worry about. Job hunting, classes, grade point averages... and if you're not making the most of your summer, you could be falling behind. Luckily, our summer internships at Aptive provide real-world experience in sales, customer service, and business administration. Not only will you have the chance to make some decent money over summer vacation, but you'll also get access to much-needed work experience that will help you launch a successful career after graduation.

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What Makes Our Internships Unique?

Some internships are all about doing gratis busy work that no one else wants to do, but you don't get anything out of the experience other than a blip on your resume. As the nation's fastest-growing pest control company, we can do more than that. We offer sales, customer service, and business administration experience. We'll actually pay you for working (imagine that!) and empower you with an understanding of what makes a complex business keep getting better year after year. Come check us out in the Phoenix area and see for yourself what makes our internships at Aptive different.

Our internships offer:

  1. Real-world experience with running, managing, and growing a business
  2. Learning how to sell new clients and provide optimal customer service
  3. A signal boost to your resume, helping you land a career at Aptive or anywhere else!

At Aptive, we're helping students stand out through our paid internships. Show your future employers (even if they're not Aptive) that you know a thing or two about business, plus get some extra spending money for next semester. We have programs available nationwide, so no matter where you plan on passing the summer -- at home or at school -- we can connect you with the resources and opportunities you need, including here in the Phoenix Area.

Get A Paid Internship in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tempe!

Make the next stop on your self-development journey here at Aptive. We'll give you real-world business skills, customer service insights, and sales experience. Not only are we the fastest-growing pest control company in the United States, but we're also simply one of the best companies. Period.

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