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Take Advantage Of A Summer Sales Position With Aptive!

Every modern college student knows that it's tough to balance finances, education, and having a social life. That's why our team at Aptive is doing things differently: we offer competitive wages, flexible schedules, and make sure that you get real-world experience before college ends... and not just anywhere. We're one of the nation's leading (and fastest-growing) pest control companies. If you're lamenting a lack of summer plans or feeling a little weightless in the wallet, check out our summer sales internships and get started on an awesome, meaningful, and fun new experience in the Phoenix area!

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Why Choose Aptive?

Nobody wants to spend their summer flipping burgers or working retail. Aptive lets you take things to the next level by allowing you to make real money over your summer vacation. Ditch the minimum-wage jobs and inconsistent gig work and see how Aptive can help you thrive. We'll connect you with real business experience, industry-leading pay, and a dynamic work environment. We've never had a bad year at Aptive, and we're hoping that, with your help, this year will be our best yet.

We've been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. This is the best summer opportunity available in the Phoenix area, but our summer spots are limited and always filling up. Don't miss out!

Through our summer sales positions, you can:

  1. Get fast, reliable income over the summer
  2. Make professional connections across multiple industries
  3. Bolster your resume with real-world sales and customer service experience

Best of all, we don't require any prior work experience. We're proud to provide world-class training materials as well as a team leader who will help guide you to success. Don't let another summer slip you by without making waves -- check out our summer sales position at Aptive and be the envy of Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe!

Get Started With A Summer Sales Position at Aptive Today!

The benefits of an Aptive summer sales position are endless: extra money, get real-world experience in sales and customer service, and so much more. High performers will also be considered for long-term work at Aptive, where you'll be able to get a strong start to your professional career. Make sure some of that summer greenness finds its way into your bank account by joining our team at Aptive, right here in the Phoenix area.

Just fill out the short form to learn more about our summer sales opportunities!