What will you see on your Discover Scuba Excursion in Gran Canaria?

Try Diving in Gran Canaria -no experience needed!

Yes, you can do it! You can swim underwater in the safety of the El Cabrón Marine Reserve and see loads of colourful fish! In just one day you will learn how to enter the sea wearing scuba equipment for your first open water dive, under the watchful eye of your PADI Professional instructor. You do not need any previous experience for this 'try-dive' yet you get to swim with hundreds of fish of all shapes, sizes and colours, and get to explore a small corner of the amazing El Cabrón marine reserve.

You get a complete service to make a complete experience, from being collected in the morning from your hotel, the extended briefing in our private garden that we do before you go in the water, and then the personal attention that our experienced instructors give you in the water to keep you safe and show you all sorts of hidden animals and underwater secrets.

The Arinaga area is famous for the quantity of colourful marine life that can be seen just a few steps from the shore, which makes it a popular destination for beginners dives. Only when you do a try-dive with Davy Jones Diving will you experience one of the most spectacular underwater areas, the Playa del Cabrón, where you can see strange creatures such as cuttlefish, trumpetfish, painted combers and if you are lucky in winter, angel sharks sleeping in the sand!

What do you need for this experience?

You do not need any previous diving experience to take your first try-dive. It helps if you are a confident swimmer, but don't worry if you are not a strong swimmer as your instructor can still guide you around the reef, and the equipment will make you float safely at the surface. You must pass a medical self-certification, and be over ten years of age.

We collect you for your underwater excursion at around 9.00am from any Hotel in the main tourist resorts, and return you to your hotel in mid-afternoon. All transfers and equipment are included in the price, you just need to bring a swimming costume, a towel, and plenty of enthusiasm!

Casa Limon - the most relaxing dive centre in Gran Canaria

Your base for this exciting excursion is 'Casa Limon' in Arinaga, which has an enclosed, shady garden where you can relax while your instructor gets you ready for diving. In 'Casa Limon' you can make yourself a drink, snack in the garden, get changed in privacy and comfort, and use other facilities such as the toilets, shower and free wi-fi. With more space, more facilities and more atmosphere than any other dive centre in Gran Canaria it is no wonder our customer feedback and scores won us our 'TripAdviser Certificate of Excellence' in both 2014 and 2015

And if English is not your first language, between us can also talk you through the briefing in Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian.

You will hear how Scuba Diving as a recreational sport has developed and matured in the 60 years since Jacques Cousteau invented the Aqualung in the 1950's. You will see how todays equipment is well engineered, reliable and comfortable, and learn a little bit about the marine life you will encounter during your dive.

What happens in the water?

After you have been prepared for your try-dive, with your own suit, boots, mask and fins, we take you the short drive to the Playa del Cabrón, where we do the dive. Playa del Cabrón is one of Gran Canaria's hidden secrets .. an undeveloped beach at the end of a track, well known to the locals which is well protected from the northerly winds, and has an amazing natural underwater fauna and flora.

Your first step in the underwater world will be to practice using your equipment to breathe underwater while still standing on the bottom. After you have learnt a couple more simple skills we start swimming on the surface, looking down at gold-striped bream, small pufferfish, wrasse and damselfish. When we think you are ready we then slowly let the air out of your jacket, so that you have the sensation of gently floating down towards the sea grasses.

There are a maximum of just two students with each of our professional divers, and as you build up your confidence in the water we then take you for a guided underwater tour of the marine reserve! You get about forty minutes in the water, and all the time you will be looked after. You will experience the sensations of swimming freely underwater, and be able to enjoy the variety of the marine life, the colours and some of the peculiarities of the underwater world.

What will you do and see on your Daycourse?

Your excursion covers all basic knowledge and skills required to dive safely in the sea under the direct control of an instructor, including breathing, mask clearing, regulator clearing, and ear equalisation. You will also learn a little about how the pressure on our bodies changes as we go deeper, and how modern scuba diving equipment compensates for these changes.

Just as important is that you will learn a bit about the underwater environment, and about some of the different marine creatures that can be found there. You will normally see three or four different habitats - rocky slopes, sand, sea grass, walls and open water, and each of these has it's own species and places to look.

Your experience in the sea will last around 35-40 minutes - one of the longest beginner excursions in Gran Canaria.

Will I be safe with Davy Jones Diving?

Safety is part of our culture, and is part of everything we do. By assessing all the risks carefully we have planned safety into each step. For this experience for beginners there are many aspects to keeping you safe, from the equipment we use, through the low ratios of instructor to students, to the use of a very safe area for the diving which has plenty of marine life to thrill any beginner. Over the last twelve years over four thousand people have safely taken this course with us. If you have any concerns about safety then please do not hesitate to voice them, and we will be delighted to explain how we keep our accident rate so minimal.

When diving in Spain, the laws require that every diver is covered by both suitable medical insurance and a type of 3rd party insurance called 'responsibilidad civil'. To guard against any potential problem, we have organised a specialist policy with a Spanish Insurer which guarantees to cover all medical and Spanish legal issues for every single Daycourse Student that we teach. So rest assured, you do not need to dig out that policy and check it word for word before you learn to dive .. we've already got you covered.

Summary of your Discover Scuba Diving Experience

The one-day Discover Scuba Diving experience is your first step to experiencing the amazing underwater world around Gran Canaria, and no previous experience is required. By taking it in the El Cabrón marine Reserve with PADI 5-Star Diving Centre Davy Jones Diving you can see some of the authentic Canarian Marine life at one of the island's top diving sites, with one of the leading dive centres in the Canary Islands.