Ecological Statement

As active divers, we recognise that the marine environment is always in a delicate balance, and our aim is to observe the maxim:

  • Take nothing but photos
  • Leave nothing but bubbles
  • Kill nothing but time
  • We ask all divers who join us to have fun diving in Gran Canaria to follow the following ecological policy:
  • Do not take any shells or other items from our dive sites as it deprives other divers of their beauty and can deprive other creatures of shelter or a home.
  • We do not condone or support spear fishing
  • Always treat marine life with care and if you disturb it replace it where you found it.
  • Enjoy watching the abundant marine life in the reserves as it hunts, feeds, hides, but don't try to stop or change the behaviours you see.
  • We all want to have fun in the marine reserve, so by following the above policy we know that the Canaries will not end up as a 'fish desert' like some areas of the Mediterranean.