Our Team

Sam Bhagwat (Founder and President )

The  founder, Dr. Sam Bhagwat, immigrated to the United States with a dream: to sustain our planet and all things living on it. As an Indian doctor, he saw an opportunity to apply nutrition in the form of mineral to enrich soil and animal yield.

Today, he shares this vision of sustaining and nourishing the world’s plants, animals and people.

We deliver on this vision by improving plant, feed and food quality through nutrition and scientific innovation. Our team is fully committed to helping plants and animals achieve their full potential while supporting producers in greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Starting with the soil.

Cassel Paul(Marketing Director)

·       Cassel brings to the team over 30 years combined experience in marketing, business and project management.  His passion for promoting good health through proper nutrition and environmental stewardship started at a young age and has been his lifelong endeavor.  Having started his marketing and business management career in health & nutrition and water treatment industries, Cassel quickly established himself as a premier marketer, trainer and manager in these industries while also building a career as a design engineer and project manager in the intelligent transportation technology arena.