About Us

Help is Our Main Goal

Since 2013, Legend Funding has provided a superior financing solution to small businesses. We offer a middle ground between the high costs of typical cash advances and the slow, low-approval process of bank loans. Our low rates, diligent client relations, and overall flexibility ensure your business is getting the best value possible. Since our inception, we have helped countless businesses and continue to rapidly grow.

When you enter into a partnership with Legend, you can be confident you are choosing the best alternative funder on the market today. With the financial expertise of our managing partners, lending specialists, in-house underwriters, and marketing team, your business can secure the working capital it needs.


Our mission is to get you the capital you need quickly and easily. Too many small business owners are hindered by the financing options currently available on the market. Banks require time-consuming applications and low approval rates, while the alternative financing industry focuses on short-term profits. We strive to provide fast, accessible financing while remaining committed to responsible lending and sustainability.


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