These are the feature that make Vhortext unique, amazing and fun.



Message your friends, family and colleagues for free. Vhortext Messenger® uses your phone's internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.


No Language Barrier

Meet a new friend who does not speak your language? No worries! With Vhortext Messenger, you can translate your conversation into another language in real-time. You can instantly message across multiple languages from Spanish to French to Arabic.



You do not need to be an artist to express the way you feel or to make a statement. Vhortext provides a simple way for you to create and express yourself in a unique and fun way.


Share Your Location

Who knows the address of anything anymore? Send your location or destination so that no one gets lost.


News Feed

No need to search the internet or anywhere else to find out what's going on around the world. Access your own personalized real-time news feed with summaries that can be shared instantly with your friends and family.


Share Video / Photos

Share the sights and sounds of your life as it happens anywhere around the world. Take a video or upload an old memory to share with your friends or family. Pictures can be used to say more than a sentences ever could, Share a memory from your gallery and see the smiles you create.


Block User

Vhortext allows you to block and unblock users so you can have a little time when needed to yourself without being interrupted.


Group Chat

Communicate with groups of people who share your interests like your family and business associates. You can share pictures, videos, and drawings to improve interactions. You can name your group and make it public or private and do much more.



We know and we care about other people viewing your private photos or data, so Vhortext provides an added security feature which allows you to mask yout photos and data from prying eyes.



Keep all your friends and love ones in a special place so that you can easily and quickly communicate with them.



You can use a wide range of characters during the chat to express unique impressions.


Image Sharing

Vhortext allows users to share images with their friends or other users. Your friends can let you know privately how much they like the images you shared on your profile page. Yes, with vhortext, every user has his/her own profile page.


YouTube Video Sharing

If you want to share a YouTube video, you can do so instantly with Vhortext. No more copying and pasting YouTube links to share videos.


VIP Status

As your number of profile page view and friends increase so does your VIP status with Vhortext. The higher your VIP status the greater the number of reward points you will earn with Vhortext.

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