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About Vhortext®

Vhortext Messenger® is an innovated project driven by the dream and vision to make it easier for people speaking different languages to communicate. It also offers additional educational benefits of helping people learn new words and phrases in different languages. Vhortext Messenger was never meant to be an absolute solution, however we believe it is a step in the right direction.

For most users, Vhortext Messenger will be a brand-new experience from other monolingual SMS. Our team is passionate about helping people to overcome the language barriers worldwide. We hope that anyone who uses Vhortext Messenger has a wonderful experience with it.

How it Works?

Vhortext makes it easy and fun to communicate without the language barrier. It's fun too.


You can send messages to anyone who has Vhortext Messenger.

It can translate your conversation in a different language in real-time.

The translated message you recieved can be translated back to the sender's message.

You can send instant messages across multiple languages – from Spanish to French to Arabic.

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